Paranormal City Interview

mark ryan paranormal city live concert 2015 2016 (18)

Hi Mark Ryan how are you?

Alright, you?



You having a busy summer?

Yeah, it’s been, stressful. Definitely, I need a break or something *forced laughter*

You having fun at the festivals?

Not really, I show up and go back to the lodge or hotel wherever, and sleep I’m exhausted the place gives me a headache..

Oh. Aren;t you like 18?


Don’t you like going out or are you quite?

No, I’m not quite. I’m tired, I need to sleep. Teenagers go to maybe 3 festival a year. I’m going to 10 a month to play. And I’m not saving my money for nice clothes, picnic blankets and a beer budget so besides that there’s not much else to enjoy.

Don’t you like the music?

Yeah I love it, when there’s like noise everywhere I go 24/7 and I get a headache to the point of not being able to sleep sometimes.

What is a must on the road?

Food, and that’s it. I could have a beer budget and enjoy myself at every festival, but then I’d waste all my precious time and money to work and I’d end up, broke. Dead.. Or even worse, unreliable to get a job done, like this tour and evidently, never be able to tour again. Which is not good.

I see… You’re in the UK at the moment I believe?

Yeah. It’s great.

It doesn’t give you a headache?

No, it’s the same as Ireland to be honest. Like it’s literally everything is the same, execution of the car registration plates.

mark ryan live paranormal city (2)

Any nice sights you’ve seen?

Nope. I’m actually just going for a jog every now and then and I go by different places. I like the natural world. I hate the industrial, wet, grim, grayness of Ireland. But the landscape can be nice at times, same with the UK. It’s great to go to town, when everyone is having a party or a day off, but working in a high speed place, requires focus. So, I’m not going out. I should, but no, I don’t even know where I am half the time, I move so frequently.

Are you on this tour alone?

Yep. All by myself.

Are you lonely?

Yes… are you still there?

Why don’t you have a manager there with you?

My manager and me go way back, I’m meeting him in London, when I have a gig, I’m staying at his house.

Don’t you need an entourage?

Not nowadays, with the internet, you can travel, book flights, contact fares, taxis etc all by yourself!! Why would you ever ask for help?!

You do sound tired. What do your family think of this?

Yeah, fine, they don’t have any input, so they dot have any control.

So they like you doing music?

Well, they didn’t… Endorsee it’, kinda like they deal with it, in their own way. I think they think it’s cool.

Okay. I see you’ve been on tour for a long time yes?

Yeah, since like 16, small tours and I’ve been going non-stop since last year.

And you’ve been to Britain, all of Ireland, USA and Canada?



It’s cool.

And congrats on the last EP is heard it went number one?? Wow

Yeah, It was really cool. Thanks. And I love my fans for helping me all this way all these years 🙂 They matter the most to me, more than anyone in the world.

Well keep doing your thing… I got nothing left to say, you seem to be doing really well. You going to sign with a label anytime soon?

We will see, I’m getting a lot of offers, but I’m waiting for a really good one from a major label. That’s when I’ll sign. A record deal is a deal, not a club to join, you gotta be very careful when you chose. The music industry not the same back then as it is now, it’s very different, honestly, record companies are losing money every day, the only way I’m ever signing with one is if the deal is good, and up to my own standards and has most of my own choices involved in the deal.

wow. You’re very different than other artists, most especially your age, just want to party on the road, enjoy the festivals, get signed to a label and take it easy. But don’t you have aYouTube channel too?

Yes, and it’s really wonderful in helping me pursue music. It’s not the same as it used to be, back when you could just write the songs and sing them… funny, how in this interview and I’m just pointing out in most interviews, the artists talks more about publicity to help grow the music than actually talking about music today. It’s a whole new time period in the industry. So yeah I don’t just say to a label, here’s all my money, take care of it, unfortunately, you have to be very careful, more than ‘smart; about these things.

Thank you very much for talking to us!

Thank you!

mark ryan live paranormal city (2)

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